Bootstrap Creations provides a streamlined way for almost anyone to launch a business. Whether it's an online store, restaurant, service, or a blog, we're here to make your dream become a reality. Most companies boast that your satisfaction is important to them, which seems so mediocre. Who wants ordinary when it comes to your business? We're committed to exceeding your expectations, not merely meeting the bare minimum.

               Besides allowing you to make your dream come true, seeing your excitement and astonishment once your project has been completed is what truly motivates us.

               What sets Bootstrap Creations apart from other businesses is our promise to be 100% honest with you in everything we do.  We take responsibility for every action we execute, and we'll keep the communication open every step of the way.  We understand this is more than just a "project," it's your creation, your business, your livelihood.

               If you are interested in finding out more or getting started, feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be thrilled to assist you. Thank you, may success be with you and have a wonderful day!

CEO & Chief Designer,

Garrett Harms


               My name is Garrett Harms, and I'm a teenager who is a tenacious, freedom-seeking entrepreneur who is passionate about enhancing the lives of those who are interested in being successful. If you want to know more about me, click here. I am the founder and chief designer here at Bootstrap Creations; I approach every order with the same level of tenacity as I've done with my businesses; and, I am all about finding win-win solutions and being a man of integrity.





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